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Megan Ketch Studio

Studio Mission Statement

Studio is an artistic community that puts the actor back at the center of their creative process.  Actors get nourished with great writing, in-depth rehearsal, challenging direction, strong scene partners and a culture of compassionate curiosity.  In all of Studio’s offerings - classes, staged readings, film and stage development and production - expanse, risk-taking, and generosity are the measures of success.

Mission Statement

Classes & Workshops

Studio classes and workshops are designed for the working actor to have a robust artistic process that isn’t characterized by competition, rejection or self-promotion.

Classes Workshops
Megan Ketch Studio Classes and Workshops

Scene Study

(8-10 Participants)

Participants submit an existing writing project (pilot, spec script, screenplay or pitch).  Camp is a launchpad for your submitted project.  Three days of structured exercises around conception, revision and next steps.  Three mentors from TV, Film and the Festival Circuit will spend one hour of each class addressing structure, writing tools, relationships, and the current market. Invest in a group that holds you accountable to progressing your passion project and be advised by seasoned pros.

  • The One that Got Away, Wholistic Four-Step Self-taping Process

  • Actors who Write, Generating and Producing your Own Material


  • Half hour or hour long coaching

  • Rehearsal, script analysis, POV work

  • Rehearsal, script analysis, POV work and taping

Studio Productions

  • Two for the Seesaw, presented by Studio + Onassis LA

  • Chekhov in Love, presented by Studio + 14-Forty

Outloud Reading Series

  • Monthly readings of screenplays, teleplays and playscripts in development.


  • Two days on the breathtaking, secluded V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA (20,000 acres)

  • Intensive Scene Study

  • Writing Exercises

  • Trail rides on horseback, hiking, swimming,  star-gazing

  • 8-10 participants.

Main Tenets of Studio

Studio is a safe space to recover and grow your artistry.

Studio offers in-depth script analysis.

Studio helps actors develop or reactivate healthy, strong acting habits.

Studio fosters individuality.

Studio actors are assigned expansive material to loosen perceived limitations around their abilities.

Studio actors codify or reclaim their distinctive process through a month long exploration of a scene.

Studio actors have diverse levels of experience, creating dynamic learning space for veteran and novice alike.

Studio is a brain-trust of talented and committed peers who work together in and outside of Studio.

As a community that values process, growth and risk, Studio supports the evolving life and work of the artist with continuity, curiosity and connection.

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Megan Ketch Studio Classes and Workshops | Megan Ketch Directing
Tenets of Studio
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Megan Ketch

About Studio


Founded in the fall of 2019, Studio began as an intimate Monday night scene study in West Hollywood lead by actor Megan Ketch and writer/director and casting director, Jeremy O’Keefe with ten actors tackling modern American plays.  Through the uncertain days of 2020, Megan took full leadership of Studio. She curated Monday night Zoom readings of plays and screenplays until early summer and eventually began teaching four week scene study class online until the summer of 2021.   

In late October 2020, thanks to an urgent desire to reconvene in person, Megan lead an Artist Retreats at the Parkfield Lodge on V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA.  Covid tested and quarantined, twelve actors spent two days in scene study class in the 100 year old Parkfield Hall, on nature walks, around a fire pit, star-gazing and horseback riding. Seasonal retreats offer Studio actors a wholistic reset in a beautiful setting.    

Five years old, Studio is a referral-only community and has expanded exponentially with the committed investment, artistic appetite and satisfaction of its members.

About Studio
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